As Court Case Against It Looms, Rosatom (Russia), KEPCO (S. Korea), EDF (France), China State Nuclear – All State Owned Entities- Express Interest in S. Africa Nuclear Station Showing That Nuclear Power Is Unsustainable in a Free Market

Nuclear morally and financially bankrupt …

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Greenpeace South Africa Nuclear Trojan Horse

Although a court case against the project will not be heard until end February, the South African government has announced that Rosatom (Russia), KEPCO (S. Korea), EDF (France), China State Nuclear Power Technology – all majority owned by their respective governments- have expressed interest in a South Africa Nuclear Power project, demonstrating that nuclear power is non-competitive in a free market. Nuclear Power can, and has only, survived due to taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies. Although the South African government alleges that 27 companies have expressed an interest, probably most are either subsidiaries of the above companies, or other government owned nuclear entities. Additionally, this number might include contractors and subcontractors to the above. Japan’s Toshiba, which owns Westinghouse, has announced that it wants to get out of the nuclear power business. Toshiba is not government owned, and nuclear energy has proven a money-losing endeavor.

The S. Africa announcement could be…

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