US EPA Hid Details of Huge Radiation Increase for Drinking Water in a Nuclear Accident; Increase Violates Safe Drinking Water Act – Arguably Illegal; A Couple of Hours Left to Oppose Private Nuclear Waste Storage (11.59 PM Eastern Time)

In the US… More deregulation of the nuclear industry. Who will protect our water from this evil industry?

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EPA PAG comparisons to MCIs (Clean Water Act)
PEER had to sue to get this document. And, yet, the list of radionuclides is still incomplete. There are less than 90 radionuclides listed of the almost 200 which are covered by the Clean Water Act MCIs (See blog post bottom). Conspicuously absent is Cs 134. If 629 Bq/l (629 Bq/kg) Cs 137 is allowed by the US EPA then there would presumably be approximately 8554 Bq/l (8554 Bq/kg) of Cs 134, in the event of a nuclear reactor accident. The Cs 134 levels would be much lower in nuclear waste. The US FDA combines Cs 134 and 137. Why, and what it means, is explained in more detail here:

The information from PEER is especially critical with the upcoming Private Nuclear Waste “Interim” Storage Facility Comment deadline in less than 3 hours – Tonight 11.59 PM Eastern Time (NY-Boston-DC-Atlanta, Miami, etc.) 11.59 PM is 1 minute to midnight…

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