Does Toshiba’s financial woes mean that they will scrap their involvement in the Moorside plan?   We  HOPE HOPE HOPE *  that this is the case .but*  we are aware that Toshiba is just the latest in a long line of nuclear companies who have been in the Moorside driving seat. There have been more changing faces than the Emperors in the last days of the Roman Empire.  We must not be complacent.  The military nuclear industrial complex absolutely relies on the nuclear reactor business to keep on keeping on with their nefarious military business as usual.

Toshiba also runs the worlds first nuclear fuel manufacturing plant, Springfields in Preston.  Springfields Toshiba provide the nuclear fuel for well over 100 countries worldwide.  They provided the fuel for many nuclear catastrophes too, including the Windscale Fire.   How reassured are we to have a financially downward spiralling company running the worlds first and still active  nuclear fuel manufacturing plant?  There has been no spotlight on Springfields in the media in all this talk of Toshiba’s financial woes.  Now why is that?

The Article from the Japan Times is below….

Toshiba Corp. will cease taking orders related to the building of nuclear power stations, sources said Saturday, in a move that would effectively mark its withdrawal from the nuclear plant construction business.


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