Please take action STOP Water Fluoridation in Cumbria



The following is a guest blog and request for action from Flouride Free Cumbria campaigner Dianne Standen.

In May 2017 there will be County Council Elections throughout Cumbria. It is Cumbria County Council and Councillors who currently authorise and finance water fluoridation.
At the moment fluoride is only added to drinking water in West Cumbria (!) but as the Cabinet supports water fluoridation this could be introduced anywhere in Cumbria. 
Please send and preferably adapt and personalise the following letter to your COUNTY COUNCILLOR and make it clear that their position on water fluoridation will influence how you vote in the May County elections.Your County Councillor details will be easily found on just enter your postcode. If you don’t want to send through that site just find the name and put a dot between  the first names and surname  i.e. ..stewart.young then
Please copy to your MP and also Stewart Young who leads CCC. If we all make it clear to our Councillors that we do care about this issue then we may have a chance of seeing it finish in 2017…Please send any replies to as the Councillors  Position will be recorded on our website so others can see at a glance.   There is a sample letter below but it is always best to try and write in your own words.Dear Councillor,

On 15th December last Cumbria County Council Cabinet decided not to review the issue of water fluoridation until the completion of the current Catfish research project in 2021.
They also declined to offer any advice about reducing potentially health damaging levels of fluoride to vulnerable members of the West Cumbrian community such as 
Infants receiving high levels through milk formula made up with fluoridated water and people using high fluoride anti depressant medication.
They refused to consider following the lead of Eire,NZ and the USA ,the major fluoridating countries, in reducing the target level of fluoride in drinking water from 1mg/ml to 0.7mg/ml in order to avoid excessive intake and accumulation of fluoride . 
They ignored Bedford Councils recent action in rejecting water fluoridation after their Health Scrutiny Committee advised the precautionary principle and safety should prevail. I would like you to know that I consider all of the above to be a failure in public health responsibility and as you are my Councillor I would like to know your position on water fluoridation as it will influence how I vote in the May elections. 
Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Name and address.
More Info:
Cumbrians Against Flouride have been trying for two years to get CCC to take some responsibility for water fluoridation and address the safety and public health issues.
Cumbria County Councillor Ian Stewart holds  the portfolio for public health .
Councillor Stewart recently misled the Cabinet into believing that Bedford council had not reversed their position on water fluoridation.
The accurate position was that like West Cumbria, Bedford had a longstanding water fluoridation scheme that had ceased whilst renovation work was undertaken on the corroded dosing unit.
Local opposition resulted in it going to Bedford’s Health Scrutiny Committee and after two years they advocated the precautionary principle due to lack of quality evidence to support its effectiveness and safety.
In contrast here in Cumbria our County Council will not pass it to Scrutiny.
The only way we will ensure pressure for change is if  Cumbrians express their opposition to being dosed with flouride through their water.


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