Poll Courtesy of Jeremy Corbyn’s Appearance on the Andrew Marr Show


Evening Mail Poll (screenshot 15th January 8.25pm) – Please VOTE NO

You may have seen Jeremy Corbyn talking about “Moorfield” on the Andrew Marr show 56 mins in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08bmyl4/the-andrew-marr-show-15012017

He doesn’t sound wildly enthusiastic  and refuses to endorse the plan but on the other hand doesn’t say it’s a diabolic idea which is what he SHOULD be saying to protect the workforce at Sellafield, the people of Copeland …and further afield.

Jeremy Corbyn’s home in North London is after all a mere 245 miles from Moorside as the radioactive cloud flies.

We are all under threat from Moorside. … The lack of attention to detail to the name suggests that he hasn’t been paying attention to just how nasty this diabolic plan is!! #StopMoorside

The Evening Mail has an online poll which unlike the actual government and industry consultations allows for a NO.

Please vote – please send a message to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party and the government that we do not want three more nuclear power stations in Cumbria. Expensive, dangerous, nuclear-bomb producing, cancerous even when running normally, a melt-down every ten years… No Thanks.. The online poll is here http://www.nwemail.co.uk/news/millom/Row-breaks-out-over-Labours-position-on-proposed-west-Cumbria-nuclear-plant-c4dc6fa7-c5aa-4608-b3b1-bbed6fe165d3-ds

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