National Grid Treating Their Shareholders as Dodos’

Postcard to the National Grid  “Is the National Grid Treating their Shareholders as Dodos’?

Radiation Free Lakeland’s Letter to the National Grid is below – you can write and oppose the pylons and more importantly what is at the end of them … email/write/phone  by FRIDAY 6th January 5pm to       freephone number: 0800 876 6990

To the National Grid.

Radiation Free Lakeland are a volunteer nuclear safety group in Cumbria. We oppose all the pylon/transmission routes proposed for Moorside.


Recently we received a message of thanks from the Austrian government for our work in opposing Moorside. The letter states: “In the name of the Federal Chancellor we want to thank you for your commitment regarding the nuclear power plant in Moorside. Europe needs citizens who advocate the exit from nuclear energy to ensure the sustainability of energy supply and critically engage themselves in social, economic and political issues.”


The letter of thanks to the Cumbrian group is in response to a report commissioned by Radiation Free Lakeland and written by the by Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy. We urge you to read this independent report which describes the Moorside reactor design as “dangerous and not fit for purpose.” “The AP1000 advanced passive nuclear reactor design has a weaker containment, and fewer back-up safety systems than current reactor designs. Its so-called advanced passive design make the reactor particularly vulnerable to a very large release of radioactivity following an accident if there were just a small failure in the steel containment vessel, due to the chimney effect. …. the containment is dangerously close to exceeding the maximum post accident pressure that it could withstand. Several ways in which the AP1000 design could lose the ability to cool the reactors in an emergency have been identified, and Fukushima has shown that a containment breach is possible, and that arrangements for keeping the spent fuel ponds cool are inadequate.” In short the Moorside project would put not just Cumbria but much of Europe at risk of major catastrophe.


NuGen is 40% owned by Engie, the French group who are now trying to abandon nuclear projects including Moorside.  Meanwhile, Toshiba, the majority (60%) partner of NuGen just recovering from a costly accounting scandal (underplaying its nuclear losses) is now is facing a financial meltdown due to out of control nuclear costs in its Westinghouse subsidiary.


Do the shareholders of National Grid know the seriousness of the dangers from Moorside – both financial and environmental?


We note that the pylons currently radiating from Sellafield are taking electricity TO the nuclear wastes. Once online nuclear power stations /reprocessing plants rely on profligate amounts of electricity from numerous sources going TO them in order to prevent catastrophe. Is this made clear anywhere in your literature on providing infrastructure for Moorside?   Sellafield is already uniquely vulnerable to loss of electricity with the Sellafield Stress Test report  (pdf) saying: “Existing site emergency arrangements, which are designed primarily to respond to a reasonably foreseeable event in a single plant, would soon be strained by requests for support to multiple plants as a consequence of an event with simultaneous site-wide effects.”   In other words adding further hazardous installations in the vicinity of Sellafield is knowingly putting the public at certain risk.


Blanket media coverage on the pylons has resulted in 1,681 people signing a 38 Degrees petition: No New Pylons in the Lake District.  In contrast with very little media coverage, a staggering 11,670 people have signed a 38 Degrees petition opposing Moorside.


We urge you listen to the voices of opposition and to withdraw the National Grid’s infrastructure support for the uniquely dangerous Moorside plan. We urge you to halt your plan to connect dangerous nuclear reactors to the National Grid. These dangerous reactors are not operational anywhere in the world.  Cumbria is already at intolerable risk from Sellafield. Moorside would magnify many times over that already intolerable risk.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


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