Jean Ward told National Grid to “Scrap Your Pylon Connection – Moorside is an abomination”

I was so sad to hear of Jean Ward’s passing.  In her late eighties she had a young spirit and campaigned fiercely but with great personal gentleness.  The last time I spoke to her was quite recently when she phoned me up to let me know that she had given National Grid a piece of her mind.  She was inspired.  She told National Grid that their actions in planning to connect pylons to three untried untested nuclear reactors was nothing short of criminal.  National Grid replied to her that “Moorside has nothing to do with us.”  Jean pulled them up on this and they had to admit that if Moorside doesn’t go ahead, neither do the giant pylons.  Jean told National Grid that they should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such a dangerous monstrosity that has the potential to pollute much of Europe…”Scrap your pylon connection – Moorside would be an abomination.”

Please make sure the spirit of Jean Ward (Lady in Red in photo) lives on and write to National Grid in a similar vein.

email/write/phone   by FRIDAY 6th January 5pm to       freephone number: 0800 876 6990
Lines are open between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday – Friday   or write:  FREEPOST NG NWC

Best to use your own words but Please feel free to use the letter below:

Dear National Grid,

I oppose all of the pylon routes/transmission corridors that are planned to connect the proposed Moorside reactors to the National Grid.  By pushing the pylon routes you are complicit in a plan which has been described in an independent report as “dangerous” and “not fit for purpose” with the potential to cause widespread radioactive pollution, not just in Cumbria but throughout Europe too.

“The AP1000 advanced passive nuclear reactor design has a weaker containment, and fewer back-up safety systems than current reactor designs. Its so-called advanced passive design make the reactor particularly vulnerable to a very large release of radioactivity following an accident if there were just a small failure in the steel containment vessel, due to the chimney effect. …. the containment is dangerously close to exceeding the maximum post accident pressure that it could withstand. Several ways in which the AP1000 design could lose the ability to cool the reactors in an emergency have been identified, and Fukushima has shown that a containment breach is possible, and that arrangements for keeping the spent fuel ponds cool are inadequate.”

The full report by the Edinburgh Energy and Environment Consultancy can be found

Former US Nuclear Regulator Arnie Gundersen has told us that the most important transmission routes are not those going away from nuclear reactors but those going TO them  ensuring security of electrical supply in order to prevent catastrophe.  Why no mention of this by National Grid?

The National Grid’s Robert Powell told campaigners during a Pylon “drop in” at Beckermet,  that the only guaranteed way to stop the pylons is to ‪#‎StopMoorside‬

I urge you to withdraw the National Grid’s infrastructure support for Moorside.  I  urge you to stop the plan to connect proposed untried untested nuclear reactors to be built by financially troubled Toshiba (NuGen) to the National Grid. These reactors are not operational anywhere in the world.  Dont’ let Cumbria be a new nuclear guinea pig – we already have Sellafield.

yours sincerely,



2 thoughts on “Jean Ward told National Grid to “Scrap Your Pylon Connection – Moorside is an abomination”

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    National Grid have said that it has spent tens of millions of pounds planning the 100-mile power line to connect Nugen’s Moorside plant to the electricity transmission network. They now want this to be “recovered” from households and businesses via levies on their energy bills for decades to come. Remember a couple of years ago when Friends of the Lake District and others were faffing about with the pylon route.. …they should have joined the late great Jean Ward in urging National Grid to Scrap the Pylon Connection. Now we will all pay ££s because of the nuclear luvvies, but it is far far less than the abomination of new reactors on greenfields near to Sellafield.

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