Wordsworth Reloaded for John Woodcock MP’s New Year Pylon Walk.


Wordsworth Reloaded for proMoorside, proTrident John Woodcock MP’s much publicised Pylon Walk on New Years Day :

“I wandered lonely in vale
And hill as a cloud of smoke n’ mirrors
Full hid Satan’s Cauldron spew no one
Eyed the cancerous atomic brew. Trident
Lovers lit mirrors brightly reflecting pylons
In grotesque hue. By smoke
N’ mirrors Satan’s Cauldron grew….and grew”

Here are a few images from our rather less well publicised New Years walk a couple of years ago …..we were greeted not by the press but by the “special” nuclear  police – this is the challenge, this is the campaign  – not the pylons!  #StopMoorside and Ensure Many More New Years can be seen in – here in our beautiful Lake Counties of Wordsworth’s day.

The pylons you see here are taking electricity TO Sellafield!

This land, which Wordsworth would have known as part of the Lake Counties pre the artificial boundary of the National Park,  has numerous designations of wildlife and heritage protection but this means nothing to the nuclear ambitions of our government who have rewritten laws to override protections-Please make your New Years Resolution a strong unequivocal NO to Moorside and a pledge to get Active in whatever way you can.

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