Advent Calendar #StopMoorside

Stop Moorside Slide Show Advent Calendar for 2016
The images in the slide show are just some of the increasingly rare wildlife to be found on this  1400 acre greenfield site north of Sellafield bought by the public purse and now being stolen away by insane nuclear multinationals.  The stolen land includes the floodplain of the river Ehen, ancient woodland and miles of ancient hedgerows.  The land should be given back to Cumbria – hasn’t this soil, this river, this floodplain, this sea, suffered enough?

– the audio is from CFM radio ….
Anti-nuclear campaigners are calling a new report into Moorside a “shocking eye opener”Posted on Monday 21 November 2016

The Moorside Project is expected to get the go-ahead in 2018- with the promise of 21,000 jobs for our area- based in West Cumbria.

But there are now fresh concerns over the planned designs of nuclear generators- which they say are a serious risk to the public.

Marrianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland says the report highlights numerous safety concerns.

“It’s a shocking eye opener, we’re really hoping it’s going to be a wake up call…”

AP1000 “Dangerous and Not Fit for Purpose”

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