Jamie Reed from the Archives….

In the light of the news that Jamie Reed is to take a job with Sellafield – we ask: did he ever leave?

The following is from our blog posted back in February 2013 ……..the revolving doors are corrupting any illusion of democracy in this Nuclear Dystopia.

Cumbria’s JR :contracts were made to be broken!

JR Jamie Reed MP

JR Ewing
JR Ewing

What’s the difference between the fictional character JR Ewing and Cumbria’s own JR Jamie Reed MP? Both it seems have a penchant for “contracts made to be broken.” For the last 5 years and more Jamie Reed MP and Copeland Borough Council Leader Elaine Woodburn have been telling Cumbrians to put our “trust” in the MRWS process. Now it appears that process wasn’t half dodgy enough as Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet has used reason and gone against the grain of the “steps towards geological disposal” by delivering a strong NO.

Radiation Free Lakeland have been pointing out for several years that Cumbria is being stitched up like a radioactive kipper with “groomed” leaders being put into positions to groom the Cumbrian population into accepting a geological dump and new build.

This evidence for “grooming” is found in the Nirex 2004 report presumably commissioned by or with the blessing of the Labour Government (remember Gordon Brown’s brother and EDF?). The 2004 Nirex report outlined how to achieve an about face in Cumbria with councils having refused NIREX in
1997 being persuaded to volunteer for an even bigger and more dangerous dump.

Just a few examples of the leaders being put into place over the last
decade are:

Jamie Reed former BNFL press officer becomes MP for Copeland in 2005 the year following the NIREX ‘Cumbria in groom’ 2004 report

Eric Robson Chair of Cumbria Tourism, also Chair of the Wainwright Society, also part owner of Osprey Communications who provided PR for the ironically named Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely. No need to wonder why Cumbria Tourism has said nothing until the 11th hour and then a meaningless statement that they would object should it go to the next phase.

Bishop of Carlisle, James Newcome, making famously pronuclear statements even before his ordination in 2009

Lord Chris Smith – 2007 appointed Chair of the Advertising Standards Authority, Chair of the Environment Agency in 2008, also chair of the Wordsworth Trust. Chris Smith has told me himself of his pronuclear sympathies.

Lord David Clark – pro nuclear/pro dump Chair of the Lake District National Park Partnership –also non-executive director of Sellafield. Again no need to look very far to see why the LDNPA has been so complicit with very late in the day mealy mouthed opposition.

Government is attempting to keep Cumbria wagged by the pronuclear tail. While more and more people are waking up to this fact we are under increasing threat of ever more propaganda with the government now putting together a consortium of marketing companies to “more than ease concerns.”

Thank goodness there are still democratically elected leaders out there with functioning critical faculties like Eddie Martin whose speech to Cabinet was thoroughly researched and so hair raisingly good he got a standing ovation. The Leader of Cumbria County Council has refused to prostitute
Cumbria’s soul. Now Cumbria’s body needs to be protected. The next steps of our leaders now are critical. Instead of trying to force an unacceptable geological dump, Leaders such as Jamie Reed MP should now be lobbying government to ensure the government’s commitment to its own MRWS
process is honoured by respecting the Cabinet’s NO. Our leaders should lobby Government to put all available monies and expertise into ensuring that the “intolerable conditions” of the Sellafield site are made safe by long term ‘interim’ storage and to acknowledge that there is no “final disposal” of nuclear waste. A good start would be to ban reprocessing, a practice banned in every country apart from France and England as it produces higher level wastes so difficult to contain.

Nirex 2004 report oct04 – on strategy for influencing its image (text searchable)

Jamie Reed MP vows to break a contract

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