US Army Corps Will Not Grant Dakota Access Easement – Now Will Everyone Go South to Protect the Sacred Black Hills-Pine Ridge Reservation from the Invisible Threat of Uranium Mining?

GOod News on the Dakota pipeline…Now WHat about the new rush for uranium mining in Dakota? There are already lots of abandoned uranium mines, meaning that drinking water is already compromised …and yet companies are quietly lining up the ducks for new even more dangerous in situ uranium mining which works a bit like fracking, Huge quantities of water and chemicals are used to push the uranium out of the ground. The mega media attention on the pipeline has been a force for good but in its narrow focus has masked another arguably much more dangerous industry. Pretty much what has happened with fracking and nuclear here in the UK??

Mining Awareness +

Mt. Rushmore, NPS gov
Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, South Dakota
Tulsi Gabbard 4 hrs · Today we have shown the power of people’s voices standing together to protect our water. Water is life. We cannot live without it. While we celebrate today’s news, we cannot be complacent. We must continue to protect our water and preserve our land. #StandWithStandingRock#WaterIsLife

How about the invisible radioactive threat to land, air, and water from the proposed Dewey Burdock uranium mine in the area of the Sacred Black Hills and Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota? Not only the mining, but how about the invisible legal and illegal radioactive discharges from the Nuclear Industry that uranium feeds? And, the radioactive waste, some of which will be there for longer than humans have even existed? Will that be the next stop for everyone?If the toxic radiation emitted daily from every nuclear reactor and other…

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