Pave Paradise Put Up A Nuclear Plant?


If you look at a satellite map of Cumbria it is obvious to all but the most wilfully nuclear blind that Sellafield is the biggest single solid concrete mass.  This weeks Podium piece in the Westmorland Gazette written by John Woodcock MP for Furness  invokes the Jodi Mitchell song “Big Yellow Taxi.”  The famous “pave paradise” lyrics are spoken by John Woodcock to divert attention away from the growing concrete nuclear mass which he supports and to divert attention to the pylons.  What a brass neck – and the Westmorland Gazette are only too happy to hand him the brasso while ignoring the main event.  The Furness MP fails to mention that should Moorside be allowed to happen the most important role of the various transmission lines of pylons, would be their role in taking electricity TO the proposed Moorside nuclear reactors.

I’m not sure that Joni Mitchell will be too thrilled to be called upon as a diversion from what is being proposed at the end of the pylons.  Namely three reactors and associated sprawl that many including the Nuclear Free Local Authorities are saying have “significant and alarming problems …that could lead to catastrophic damage..”  Incredibly this has not been reported in the Westmorland Gazette and John Woodcock MP is certainly not going to draw attention to the growing horror at what would lie at the end of the pylons.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities Steering Committee Chair Councillor Ernie Galsworthy said:

I welcome this detailed report on the safety issues of the AP1000 reactor and hope the report will be carefully considered by the nuclear regulatory agencies. From reading this report it is clear to me that there are significant and alarming problems with this reactor design that could lead to catastrophic damage in the event of a serious accident. NFLA calls on the regulator to refuse design acceptance for the AP1000 as it currently stands. It is currently too big a risk for the people of Cumbria and for communities across both sides of the Irish Sea coast to go ahead with it.”

Report author Pete Roche said:

Experience gained by trying to build these reactors in the US and China on time and budget shows that they are no better than the disastrous French EPR reactor-type proposed for Hinkley Point and Sizewell. Yet the design attempts to make savings by reducing all sorts of safety-related equipment and relying on so-called natural processes. It’s about time that the ONR proved that it does have teeth after all and refused these reactors a license to be built in the UK.”


Joni Mitchell: Thousands join nuclear protest Print-ready version

by Beth Rosenfeld
Daily Collegian
May 9, 1979

An estimated 65,000 to 150,000 protesters, including Jerry Brown, Ralph Nader, Jane Fonda, Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell-assembled in from of the nations’ Capitol Sunday to demonstrate against the government’s pro-nuclear policies.

Sponsored by the May 6 Coalition which represent more than 200 consumer, labor, environmental, minority, senior citizens’, women’s and peace organizations, it was the largest anti-nuclear rally ever held in the United States. Furthermore, it was organized in only three weeks.


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