One Day Left To Comment on Dangerous Reactors

There is one day left.  Tomorrow is the last day to comment on the dangerous reactors planned for Cumbria.  Thanks to ITV for the coverage (in which NuGen try to belittle the report) but on the whole the nuclear industry and our pronuclear government have done a fantastic job of keeping this “opportunity” for public comment as secret as they can.  Local press have done a pretty good job of keeping it quiet too…the Westmorland  Gazette hasn’t even bothered to report on it (countless reports on the pylons) and the national press – well….

So its up to You to Spread the Word to Save Cumbria.
Make a comment (ideally in your own words but feel free to use info here)

Tell the Office for Nuclear Regulation to Stop the Dangerous Moorside AP1000s, to REFUSE THE REACTOR DESIGN  by Wednesday, 30th of November:


Conclusions of a summary technical report on the Westinghouse Toshiba AP 1000 design, written by Peter Roche on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland:
“The AP1000 advanced passive nuclear reactor design has a weaker containment, and fewer back-up safety systems than current reactor designs.

Its so-called advanced passive design make the reactor particularly vulnerable to a very large release of radioactivity following an accident if there were just a small failure in the steel containment vessel, due to the chimney effect.

A thorough review of the AP1000 design in the light of the Japanese accident at Fukushima has shown that the containment is dangerously close to exceeding the maximum post accident pressure that it could withstand.

Several ways in which the AP1000 design could lose the ability to cool the reactors in an emergency have been identified, and Fukushima has shown that a containment breach is possible, and that arrangements for keeping the spent fuel ponds cool are inadequate.

The AP1000 reactor design is not fit for purpose and so should be refused a Design Acceptance Confirmation (DAC) and Statement of Design Acceptability (SDA) by the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency.”

The AP1000 Report by Peter Roche, Edinburgh Energy Consultancy: ,

More info:

3 thoughts on “One Day Left To Comment on Dangerous Reactors

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  2. If Moorside (or any other expansion of Sellafield) goes ahead, I’ll most likely sell up and move out of Cumbria. Unfortunately, that will also mean my oak frame construction company (Sessile Oak) will go with me. It’s not something I say lightly, and I’d much prefer to remain and keep working with the people of Cumbria, but Moorside is one lunatic development too far and I have both my family and my customers to think of.
    I truly hope it doesn’t come to that, but I feel the government has thrown good sense out of the window. It’s a shame, but there we are.

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