Fukushima Consequences of Radiation on Wildlife

While nuclear apologists and the main stream media tell us of “thriving” wildlife in radioactively contaminated areas, the reality is different. The truth should be enough to put a stop to the nuclear industry right now., but the lies continue to be peddled.

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs

By Pierre Fetet (translation by Hervé Courtois)

Source : http://www.fukushima-blog.com/2016/09/fukushima-consequences-de-la-radioactivite-sur-la-faune.html

Scientific studies conducted following the Fukushima disaster revealed little by little the consequences of radioactivity on the living and particularly on wildlife.Although published, they are nevertheless rarely circulated.This is why I would like to put a spotlight on some of them and publicize various observations which we do not hear much about, to counter the silly optimism to always relativize the consequences of low doses on life.Any dose of radiation, however small it be, has effects on the living: the ionizing radiation breaks the DNA molecules.

The birds

The feathers of birds take radioactive dust released into the atmosphere continuously by the wind. They therefore suffer permanent external irradiation.

We can see this dust by placing a contaminated bird on a radio-sensitive paper for a month. Here is an example with a bird picked in Iitate in December…

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