PYLONS IN CUMBRIA – Just Like a Halloween Movie.

Last night supporters of a Radiation Free Lakeland went along to the meeting called by Power without Pylons.  The meeting at the pretty village of Broughton in Furness was attended by a whole host of people who have been given the green light by the great and the good to vehemently oppose the Pylons while ignoring the Main Event.

We stood outside and leafletted – many people nodding in agreement at the sight of the nuclear waste barrel – the lasting legacy product of nuclear power.


The organisers of the meeting made it clear that we were not welcome “this is a meeting about the pylons”  and during questions I held my hand up patiently for an hour and was studiously ignored.  One of our supporters did manage to get a question in, and was greeted with howls of laughter.  The question was actually the most intelligent thing said all night: what would happen in the event of a pylon or pylons being toppled by accident or by design?  

No One provided an answer to this – but John Woodcock MP helpfully mimed a pylon toppling over.

No one at the meeting seemed to appreciate the fact that nuclear reactors need electricity going TO them.  If transmission to “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” was cut by toppling pylons the consequences would be dire – certainly no laughing matter for us or our European neighbours.  “Chernobyl on steroids” is how Arnie Gundersen has described it.

John Woodcock illustrated the point that accidents happen by dropping his cup of tea.

John Woodcock MP’s Little Accident

The meeting was well attended and well constrained into deliberately ignoring the big issue. Cumbria is being played like a fiddle and John Woodcock MP is one of the chief fiddlers.  We came away from the meeting feeling like we were in the grip of some creepy Halloween movie.

A letter sent to the press – unpublished.

Friends of the Lake District are jubilant: “Lakes Saved From Pylons” shout the headlines in all media.

A visitor from Mars would assume that the pylons were the very worst thing about the plan for “biggest nuclear development in Europe.”

The pylons would last 60 years while the nuclear wastes from “Moorside” would have to be kept separate from the biosphere  into eternity.  

NO mention by any of the wildlife or conservation groups that the plan includes concreting over 1400 acres of irreplaceable greenfields, ancient woodland, floodplain and special sites of wildlife “protection.”

All legal protections are effectively null and void in the face of this Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project.

SO instead of rallying all their forces to protect the 1400 acres and the estuaries and seas around the West Coast of Cumbria, the conservation, wildlife and countryside groups have instead just rolled over.

Cowed in the face of such a big nasty project they have dutifully focussed all their attention on the pylons.

This is exactly what the industry and our pronuclear government want. Cumbria is being played like a fiddle and the tune is fitting for Halloween.

There is Resistance to the plan from ordinary people, almost 11,000 of whom have signed an ongoing 38Degrees petition to Stop Moorside. A similar Friends of the Lake District petition opposing just the pylons has attracted around 1000 signatures but guess which has received far more media attention. Yep, the pylons.

The more real help we can get to Stop Moorside the better chance we have of actually protecting Cumbria and our European neighbours from this diabolic plan of which the pylons are the least obscene thing. 


5 thoughts on “PYLONS IN CUMBRIA – Just Like a Halloween Movie.

    1. Still doesn’t answer the question of loss of transmission, which can also happen offshore or underground. This is why Arnie Gundersen the former US nuclear regulator said that there should be several transmission routes …the most important transmission is not AWAY but TO nuclear installations…the bigger the installation the more important this is.

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    From 2016…now roll on to 2020 and under cover of covid the pretty village of Broughton is under threat of being spitting distance from tue UKs nuclear waste dump for heat generating radioactive wastes. Back in 2016 this Duddon valley area was protesting about pylons from the proposed Moorside reactors …not opposing t he nuclear reactors you understand just the pylons. When will the penny drop that nuclear reactors (of any size and type) are not clean, not green and the resulting crapola is certainly not pretty.

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