Friends of the Lake District Call For Celebrations over Pylons – What about the 250Million years+ of Nuclear Waste!?

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A. PYLONS From Moorside – 60 Years



Recieved this today from Friends of the Lake District.  It is beyond satire FoLD and all other conservation, wildlife, countryside and other  groups tasked with “protecting”  Cumbria are clamouring to stand up and say a vehement  NO to the sight of pylons, good for them, but this is meaningless while studiously ignoring the elephant in the room.  The sight of pylons in Fukushima and Chernobyl is an irrelevance.


From Friends of the Lake District – sent to all supporters……

** BREAKING NEWS: Lake District spared from 50m tall pylons ———————————————————— Dear Marianne We received the news from National Grid today that they are to spare the Lake District from 50m tall pylons and bury all connections within the Lake District underground. We’ve been working with National Grid and campaigning with our members to see off the threat of 50m tall pylons being built through the Lake District for more than 5 years and today we’ve had the wonderful news that National Grid plans to put 23.4km (14.5 miles) of new line underground through the entire western section of the Lake District National Park. This could also see the existing lines there being removed completely, leaving this part of the park free of pylons for the first time in more than 60 years. We are hugely indebted to every member, supporter, donor, partner and campaigner for your amazing support and tireless efforts. We’re delighted with this announcement and you should be too! We still have concerns about areas in the south west of Cumbria which lie very close to the Lake District boundary where National Grid is still proposing pylons as the solution for connection. We feel that the Duddon Valley and other visually sensitive areas south of the National Park should also be considered for undergrounding or possibly a tunnel across the Duddon Estuary. We will be raising this as a concern during Grid’s consulted on between 28th October 2016 and 6th January 2017 and advising on how you can do the same. We will send you another email on 28th October with links to the consultation and our campaign page where you will be able find out more information about how to respond to the consultation. (I’ve included a copy of our press release sent by Friends of the Lake District today. I thought you’d like to share the good news!) You’ll find more information updates on the campaign section of our website. Click here to visit ( If you are not already a member, will you consider joining us? From only £2.25 a month you can add your voice to the thousands already standing with us to protect Cumbria’s fragile landscapes. It is only with our members’ support that we can afford to campaign about these issues. You can find out more here With best wishes, Kate Dr Kate Willshaw Policy Officer

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