Off Message? Never Mind the Pylons, Stop Moorside!



@Broughton Victory Hall on 28th October

On 28th October at 6.30pm at Broughton’s Victory Hall, Pro-Moorside MP will address a meeting called by Power Without Pylon campaigners.

The pylons have been flagged up remorselessly in the media as the biggest threat from Moorside. The Pylons would be the least of it. This focus by the media and vested interests is a ploy to limit and contain the opposition to Moorside itself.

 Despite this,  when the North West Evening Mail ran a Poll on the Pylons which (unlike the Moorside Consultation) gave the option to say No to Moorside… 70% did just that!

The industry and those with vested interests like ProNuclear and ProTrident MP John Woodcock want nothing better than to focus on the pylons and limit opposition to the actual diabolic plan for Moorside.

Please Come Along and show opposition to Moorside itself. We will be standing from 5.30pm peacefully with banners and leafleting before the meeting and then will go in to take part.

Never Mind the Pylons – Stop Moorside!

From the North West Evening Mail

“Barrow MP to join campaigners at meeting over plan to build giant pylons as big as Nelson’s Column

A POLITICIAN will speak at a public meeting alongside campaigners who are opposed to plans for giant pylons to be installed along the Furness countryside.

John Woodcock, MP for Barrow and Furness, and members of the Power Without Pylons group are jointly hosting a public meeting in Broughton Victory Hall on Friday October 28 from 6.30pm.

National Grid plans to export electricity from a proposed nuclear power station at Moorside near Sellafield to the Lancashire coast via a tunnel underneath Morecambe Bay………

Power Without Pylons secretary Graham Barron said: “We are campaigning for a solution that avoids putting up giant pylons in and around the national park and that keeps the means of connection out of sight.

“We believe the best option is to put the connection offshore but, failing that, undergrounding the whole route south of Moorside is the only acceptable alternative.”

NO – The ONLY acceptable alternative is to STOP MOORSIDE

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