Top Scientist Says Keep the Trees: pages 34 -36 of Beeches Boreholes and Badgers

From 20 years ago – Professor Hugh Pennington joins the battle to save the Rusland Beeches. We need more joining the battle to save the whole of the Lake District and beyond from Nukiller madness!

Wastwater Chronicles


1st October 1996

The National Park Authority defer ratification till end of October. Chance for more people to send in objections to felling.

The Government’s Chief Advisor on medical microbiology is going to write to the Environment Secretary on behalf of the beeches

16th October 1996

Rt Hon John Gummer MP

Dear Mr Gummer,

Rusland Beeches

I have just learned about the decision by the Lake District National Park Authority to fell all the Rusland Beeches, the well known stand of trees in the valley of that name.  Can I ask that your department – as ultimate custodian because of the preservation order on the trees- subjects this decision to the most rigorous scrutiny?  In particular I would like to request that the benefit of any doubt should be given to the trees rather than to any recommendations based on administrative neatness or risk assessment exercises with high judgemental content. …

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