Wasdale Show – this Saturday 8th October

Wasdale Show 2012

Radiation Free Lakeland are proud to be taking part in the wonderful Wasdale Show again this year.

We will have a stall with Information, Hedgehog Quiz & We will have the Stop Moorside petition which now has nearly 11,000 signatures despite so little publicity from the main stream media.

There will be information and free stuff to take away.

Also ideas on ACTIONS to take such as writing to the Director of Public Health Cumbria

Sample letter below:

To Colin Cox, the Director of Public Health Cumbria,

A Government Committee recently said that “Population Mixing” caused by an influx of nuclear workers resulted in “a Mystery Virus.” They said this is the likely cause of increased leukaemias near Sellafield. This view is rather undermined by the Sellafield workers having a Compensation Scheme for Radiation Linked Diseases. There are higher incidences of many diseases in the vicinity of Sellafield including childhood eye cancers and Downs Syndrome.

Do you believe, like the government, that “population mixing” is the cause of the acknowledged and well documented excess of childhood leukaemia near Sellafield? Or do you agree with the co-discoverer of plutonium and uranium, Dr John Gofman that there is no safe dose of radiation? Which do you think the government and the industry should take responsibility for:

  1. A) Population Mixing?
  2. B) Cumulative Radioactive Emissions from existing and new reactors?





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