No Hospital Services? Then NO MOORSIDE!


Last Night there was a quiet protest outside a meeting called by MP Jamie Reed regarding the criminal plan to withdraw yet more services from the West Cumberland Hospital.  Our friend tells us he stood quietly  in the foyer – not even in the meeting. Even so he was told to leave the foyer of the meeting repeatedly by Jamie Reed’s PA.  The single placard said:


TO W.C.H or


which is a legitimate request respectfully made.

There was much support for this statement from members of the public going into the meeting with many quietly saying out of the corners of their mouths (remember this was all within sight of the nuclear obsessed MP Jamie Reed)

“well done”

“you are right”

“I agree”

 Our colleague was interviewed by three lots of media including the BBC.   All of whom decided not to show or even mention the awful scenario of a plan to build the biggest nuclear development in Europe while at the same time withdrawing  hospital services from West Cumbria.  Why the silence? Why the taboo?  Is it too embarrassing for words or images?

From the News and Star

Public voice anger during hospital meeting

Copeland MP Jamie Reed addresses the packed Success Regime meeting at the United Reformed Church in Whitehaven.
Copeland MP Jamie Reed addresses the packed Success Regime meeting at the United Reformed Church in Whitehaven.
22 September 2016 12:20PM

More than 400 people turned out to a heated public meeting over health services in Whitehaven.

New parents, retired midwives and consultants were among those to tackle bosses about controversial proposals to downgrade-consultant led maternity services and paediatrics.

They expressed fears that mums and babies would die if they had to travel to Carlisle in labour. The meeting, organised by Copeland MP Jamie Reed, came as the Government-appointed Success Regime prepares to unveil its preferred options on Monday.

Its boss said Sir Neil McKay stressed that they haven’t fully ruled out retaining a 24/7 consultant-led maternity unit at the West Cumberland Hospital.

However he suggested another option would be to have a dedicated maternity ambulance based at Whitehaven to carry out transfers to the Cumberland Infirmary.

His comments were met with angry heckles from residents, some of who shared their personal stories to show how important the existing services are to the people of west Cumbria.

Elizabeth Brough, whose husband Trevor is a retired obstetric consultant who worked in Whitehaven, said that when he took the job they had to promise to live within 10 miles of the hospital so he could get there quickly in an emergency.

She therefore questioned how it was now safe to transfer women 40 miles.

2 thoughts on “No Hospital Services? Then NO MOORSIDE!

  1. Roy

    Once you accept that the nuclear industry is inept, corrupt and immoral then Moorside makes sense for those who support it and are so desperate for it to happen. They do not care about their children’s future, the environment or other people, all they see is a big nuclear trough into which they can stick their snouts to satisfy their addiction to greed. Just like Sellafield where many companies milk it for all it’s worth they see Moorside as another milking parlour where they can overcharge for shoddy goods because the people at Sellafield are so easily conned. You keep hearing about all the jobs it will create, they will not be for locals otherwise why then the need for new housing around Whitehaven? Now Toshiba has pulled out of construction and will only deliver a flat pack, the risk are escalating as they get more desperate to find some sucker to invest billions into a white elephant. Just scrap this ludicrous project and think outside the box to solve our so called energy issues without leaving future generations with a death sentence over their heads.

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