Did UK Prime Minister May Bend to Costain’s Will on Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station? A Decade Ago PM May Decried Unfair Subsidies to the Nuclear Industry; Welcomed Decentralised Renewable Energy

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According to Reuters, 15 Sept, 2016, “Britain approves nuclear plant, easing Chinese, French ties“. Why are Chinese and French ties more important than the British people and the environment?

Did UK Prime Minister May bend to Costain’s will in allowing EDF’s new Hinkley Point Nuclear Power Station to move forward? In our opinion, predictably so. More than anything, nuclear new build is about large construction projects, which is why no one cares if they are ever completed, nor the cost overruns. More broadly, it is about a lack of vision, without which we will all perish.

For the Hinkley Nuclear new build Project (Hinkley C), Costain, in Theresa May’s constituency, was chosen to construct the cooling water tunnels – 9 km of tunnels under the Severn Estuary.

St. Mary the Virgin Wheatley
Graveyard of Church where Theresa May’s father served as clergyman (vicar). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Mary_the_Virgin,_Wheatley

The delay by PM May was probably related to…

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