Panorama Tonight at 8.30: Sellafield


Radiation Free Lakeland are no lovers of the BBC’s recent coverage of nuclear issues…so we were extremely guarded when approached by Panorama.  Following reassurance that this would be an “expose”  we have contributed to the programme with documents leaked to us by brave whistleblowers.    We hope against hope that the programme will do what it says on the tin and does indeed go some small way to  “uncover the truth.”

Several results should follow on from the airing of this programme, if it is an honest account of Sellafield’s shocking and ongoing ‘legacy’….

  1.  No New Nuclear Build – No Moorside.
  2. No more nuclear waste should arrive at Sellafield
  3.  If the industry cannot contain the wastes safely above ground what chance below ground?  The “implementation of geological disposal” should be scrapped and instead the industry should look at long term interim storage on existing sites.
  4.  A public inquiry into “decommissioning” and the resulting dispersal of wastes to the environment
  5.  Immediate halt to reprocessing.

Panorama: Sellafield’s Nuclear Safety Failings is broadcast on on BBC1 on Monday at 8.30pm.

If you missed it ..catch up here



One thought on “Panorama Tonight at 8.30: Sellafield

  1. Just watched the programme… Much Better than the usual BBC pronuclear fare….but left the viewer with a bit of a limp “Sellafield, the nuclear site that struggles with the basics”. Bit rich of HMG to now want to be seen to be distancing themselves from Sellafield which is a radioactive cesspool of their own making and now they want to make more! Not one of those government ministers or local politicians who have approved decades of reprocessing and ever more wastes have been held to account for the pollution of our air, our sea our water and our health. And the whole nasty show will go on until and unless….

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