Pylons? PAh! Where is the Opposition to Moorside?


Letter in this weeks Westmorland Gazette.

Dear Editor,


South Lakleand parish councils are understandably upset about giant pylons potentially being erected across the local countryside.  Less understandable is the lack of vehement opposition from those same councils for “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” on Lakelands doorstep.

The Lake District National Park Authority have set the tone with support for Moorside. “We support the principle of a new build nuclear power station adjacent to Sellafield. The proposal would continue the long tradition of the nuclear industry Cumbria.”

We would suggest there are many Lakeland Traditions that are no longer acceptable, including slave trading, cock fighting and otter hunting.

New nuclear reactors next to Sellafield is a “long tradition” that is no longer acceptable.

The unseen footprint of Moorside is far more dangerous than the visible footprint.

Despite the public consultation having ended, there has been no Health Impact Assessement for cumulative radioactive  emissions.

This is a project that is riding roughshod over public health. It is a project riding roughshod over public safety with Sellafield already housing the most dangerous stockpiles of nuclear waste in the world. It is a project riding roughshod over the diverse nationally significant habitats of the River Ehen and its floodplain, over miles of ancient hedgerows, the Irish Sea and the Cumbrian Estuaries.  NOne of these things can be replaced.

The Stop Moorside petition now has 10’556 signatures and rising.  We urge the Parish Councils to join the Resistance to Moorside.  Go to

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

Radiation Free Lakeland

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