Hitachi Have Ambitions to Quash Welsh Language

Hitachi Try to Stop the Welsh Language
Our friends in Wales tell us that Hitachi who are angling to build a new nuclear plant in Anglesey want to ban the Welsh Language!  Why is that?  Are all the instructions for the unwanted nuclear plant in Japanese?  Hitachi and Toshiba are desperate it seems to sell their nuclear wares outside of Japan but is anyone buying?  Who in their right mind would want these volatile cancer factories on their doorstep?
“Come along to Penrhyn Hall, Gwynedd Road, Bangor on Tuesday, September 6, 9.30 and all day … Come to Neuadd Penryn, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, Tuesday, 6 September, 9.30 and during the day to stop Horizon deleting the language clause!”
“As many people as possible are needed to come to the Penrhyn Hall, Ffordd Gwynedd, Bangor, opposite the main bus stops on Tuesday morning September before 9.30 to a meeting where Welsh government inspectors will be considering the linguistic aspects of the Gwynedd/Ynys Môn Local Development Plan. Horizon will be there to argue for the removal of a clause “to reject proposals which would because of their size, scale or location cause significant damage to the character and linguistic balance of a community”. A colourful presence is needed to show opposition to Horizon’s anti-democratic bullying.
On Tuesday evening September 6, at Canolfan Ebeneser, Llangefni at 7.00, the Planning Inspectorate will hold a public meeting explaining how we can be part of the development consent process for Wylfa B and the new National Grid pylons that would march across Ynys Môn from Wylfa B. Again, we need a strong presence to show these grey bureaucrats that we don’t consent to Wylfa B and all its environmental, social, economic, linguistic and cultural threats.”

3 thoughts on “Hitachi Have Ambitions to Quash Welsh Language

  1. The Japanese barely speak English. They don’t want to deal with Welsh. They are also probably the only country in the world who allows no permanent immigration unless it is repatriation of the Japanese – making them one of the most ethnocentric. So, maybe they want the people to learn Japanese. Loving your own country is good, but not imposing rad waste and culture on others. Recall that Willie McRae’s efforts to stop the nuclear waste dump on the Scottish Borders took off after people understood that the dump was for Japanese waste!

    It was the oil industry that wanted the French language destroyed in Louisiana and largely did in the 1920s. They couldn’t enforce the no speaking of French in public schools in the rural areas, however. Nor in the Catholic schools. In that case, rather ironically, the offshore rigs and boats seem to have helped perpetuate the language for awhile with French speaking oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that even people from France worked on, alongside Louisiana natives. The children of Irish immigrants even became French speaking. I noticed that the British or Scottish government is dumping Middle Eastern refugees on some of the few remaining Scots Gaelic speaking islands, as if the exposure to radiation isn’t enough to finish off language and culture. In the case of Quebec, the British forced French speakers to work under English speaking foremen until around the 1960s – Tranquil Revolution. Many went to work in Lowell Massachusetts where they could have French foremen, rather surprisingly.

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