Visit from CID

20 years ago – the National Park go to great lengths to “protect the public” from the Rusland Beeches. If only they would be so protective of the public’s health from the biggest nuclear development in Europe planned for Cumbria.

Wastwater Chronicles


Sept 3rd 1996

Had a visit from CID.  Just arrived unannounced at the door – plain clothes chap….asking(?) to come in and “talk about the Rusland Beeches” Like before (on the phone) wants to know if I plan to organise a “sit in” but the National Park still have to ratify their own decision to fell and need permission from the Dept of Environment and we dont want to jeopardise their decision.  I ask if they will be making an official visit to the National Park as ordinary landowners are fined 10,000 a tree for felling TPO trees and thats without bats overwintering!  He assures me they will be speaking to the NP but I won’t hold my breath.

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One thought on “Visit from CID

  1. Ewan Blackledge

    Nuclear power is an unacceptable risk for the future, can’t be justified on economic safety or security grounds. We need to invest in renewables obviously, history will judge us.

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