Jonathon Porritt Exposes Nuclear Bribery in Cumbria


Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist, writer and Director of Forum for the Future exposes nuclear bribery in Cumbria.

When it Comes to Bribery Nothing Can Match the Nuclear Industry

“Having to bribe people to accept fracking – with more and more apparent financial benefits on offer – is of course a measure of desperation. And when you read the small print (with the bribes only to be paid out of ‘future profits’ at some indefinable point in the future), you have to wonder how many savvy rural folk are going to be taken in by such garbage.

But we shouldn’t underestimate the pernicious influence of corporate bribes offered over extended periods of time. And no industry is more sophisticated in this nefarious art form than the nuclear industry.

Last week, I was sent the latest press release from Radiation Free Lakeland – one of the few NGOs that doggedly keeps up a brilliant fight against Sellafield and the whole nuclear incubus in the Lake District – without much (if any) support from what’s left of the anti-nuclear movement in the rest of the country. As Marianne Birkby, spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland, puts it:

“Compared to the nuclear industry, the frackers are in the third division where bribery is concerned, as we know all too well in Cumbria. The nuclear industry leads the super-league – and have been buying the people of Cumbria and our representatives for two decades now.”

The Full Article can be Read Here

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