French Geological Dump developers told to Stop and Restore The Forest


A message from our colleagues in France ….Brilliant News of Sucessful Ongoing RESISTANCE!!

“Today marked another turning point in the battle against against ANDRA
around Bure in the East of France. The site for a nuclear waste dump with
highly radioactive nuclear waste (in deep geological storage) called CIGEO.

After two months of intense actions including the occupation (and
reoccupation) of the forest. A court in Bar Le Duc, France ruled that
ANDRA has to stop work in the forest and restore it to its previous state
because they never obtained permission before to start the work!

ANDRA still tried to justify themselves with a document produced the same
day as the court case granting them permission to do the work…. The
court did not accept this (or any of their other attempts to justify
themselves) and ruled that the the protesters were right. Full verdict in
French here

*Further legal proceedings and other actions are underway*
*Summer camp in Bure 8-19 August 2016 poster in French
<; *

CIGEO, my arse, laughs, self-organised training, games in the nature,
discussions, food, occupations, love, blockades, swimming, actions against
the work of the nuclear waste dump (and it’s shitty world)
*Week-end of actions 13-15 August 2016 poster in French
<; *  ”

*13 Aug – *2pm walks around the forest. Evening to discuss the latest

*14 Aug* – 11am rally/demo around the forest

*15 Aug *- forming of decentralised support groups

Press release in French below
L’ANDRA est condamnée par le TGI de Bar-le-Duc !



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