FOE Scotland : Tell Prime Minister May to Stop Hinkley, Invest in Renewables Instead

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From Friends of the Earth (FOE), Scotland:
Prime Minister: Stop Hinkley, invest in renewables instead
FOE Hinkley White Elephant Westminster
In a startling move the UK Government has just delayed signing the contract with French energy giant EDF to build an incredibly expensive nuclear power station – it was so sudden that the CEO of EDF had to cancel his trip to the UK and the Chinese financial backers have headed home. It seems the Prime Minister has had second thoughts about building the most expensive power station ever conceived and there will not be a decision until the early autumn – that’s why we need to show Theresa May the huge public opposition to these plans.  

This type of nuclear plant has never been successfully built anywhere in the world, with two similar designs in France and Finland way over budget and many years behind schedule. The UK Government has agreed…

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