British Nuclear Plant “Unwelcome & Unwanted” – Sinn Féin Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Seán Crowe TD

The same (and more) applies to Moorside …..

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News Release from Sinn Féin:
British Nuclear Plant ‘Unwelcome & Unwanted’ – Crowe
4 August, 2016 – by Seán Crowe TD

Sinn Féin Foreign Affairs spokesperson Seán Crowe TD has described the pending news that the Nuclear Plant in Hinkley Point, Somerset is supposedly set for final approval as unwelcome, unwanted, saying it added ‘another deadly danger off our coastline’.

Deputy Crowe believes that the £18 billion nuclear plant, if approved, would join the discredited Sellafield as another source of deadly danger and potential contamination to the island of Ireland.

The Dublin South West TD said:
“Ireland has had a difficult and unwanted relationship with British Nuclear plants like Windscale, renamed Sellafield, over the decades with leaks, contamination scares, and poisonous releases into the atmosphere.

“An increase in birth defects and cancers along the east coast of Ireland has convinced many that there is a direct link to the release of…

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