Hanford Nuclear Site’s Ongoing Wildfire Problem

JAmie Reed MP for the Sellafield area has previously visited the Hanford nuclear site in the US and has sung the Hanford site’s praises…. Now the Hanford site is, not for the first time, under threat of wildfires raging in the area…

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Hanford Fire 2007 DOE vid screenshot dayHanford Fire 2007 DOE vid screenshot night
Hanford 2007 fire, US DOE video screenshots

Wildfires on the Hanford Nuclear Site have occurred in 1957, 1973, and 1981, 1984, 1998, 2000, and 2007. How many more have been near the site? The 1998 wildfire burned approximately 4,047 ha (10,000 ac). The 24 Command fire of 2000 and the Wautoma Fire of 2007 burned more than one-half the total acreage of the Hanford Nuclear Site. There is, as well, an ever-present risk of fires occurring spontaneously within the radioactive waste itself.

Official DOE video of Hanford 2000 fire http://youtu.be/lhBDnrDVyIQ
Official DOE video of Hanford 2007 fire http://youtu.be/zDgBUwhUAVE
Private videos of some of the current fires which are near but reportedly not on the site: https://flyingcuttlefish.wordpress.com/2016/08/04/wildfire/
Fires near Hanford 230 am MDT Aug 5 2016
Wildfires in the region of the Hanford Nuclear Site, 230 am MDT update.

Currently there are still ongoing wildfires near the Hanford Nuclear Site, but it is believed that they will be successfully contained…

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