Whitehaven News – letter “Gentle Steps” to Geological Dump (DECC) ….

Letter published in the Whitehaven News back in 2011…. The nuclear industry and our nuclear obsessed government are pushing ahead with their agenda despite there being no “away” for nuclear waste……


Letter Published in Whitehaven News – Friday 21st Oct

Dear Editor
The plan to build new reactors at what is already the most dangerous
nuclear site in Europe and to find a ‘solution’ to the waste problem.
has ratcheted up a gear following the findings of the Weightman report.

For the plan for new build at Sellafield and other chosen sites to go
ahead there needs to be seen to be a “solution” to the nuclear waste

The DECC “solution” is to dig a 1000 metre hole to dump the high level
wastes and spent fuel in Cumbria’s leaky geology. The resulting slag
heap(s) ripped from Lakeland geology could be the equivalent of up to
several Great Pyramids.

Link to Prof David Smythe’s presentation on Rock Spoil

“No possible underground repository site can be found within the area of Allerdale and Copeland district councils, that would be geologically safe.

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