Stop Moorside

One of the many strong objections sent in to the CONsultwtion for the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” . Stop Moorside Now!


NuGen: ‘The project will become the UK’s biggest new nuclear output from a single site – and Europe’s largest new nuclear construction plan.’

“The Moorside Project is a nationally significant infrastructure project and must be consented through the Planning Act 2008 via a ‘Development Consent Order’ (DCO). Before a DCO can be made, NuGen is required to consult with those living in the vicinity of the land to which its proposed application relates, key local authorities, persons with an interest in the land and prescribed statutory bodies, as well as publicising its proposed application nationally.”

Stage Two: Proposed Scheme Consultation: 14th May 2016 to 30th July 2016.

To whom it may concern,

Please acknowledge receipt of this – my objection to the proposed Moorfield Nuclear Development.

I would appreciate your response to each of my carefully researched and referenced points.

Having thoroughly researched the issue, I strongly object to the…

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