Medical and Legal Teams Testify to Violence Against French Nuclear Waste Dump Protestors-Ancient Forest Protectors: 5 People with Injuries and Open Wounds to the Head and Multiple Injuries to the Back and Limbs

French Resistance to nuclear waste being dumped …..

Mining Awareness +

Riot police arrive:
VMC Camp photo of riot police coming to expulse protestors on July 7th. According to the protestors, the French nuclear waste authority, ANDRA, is illegally occupying the Lejuc woods; multiple legal challenges are ongoing.

From the beginning of France’s State of Emergency, the government has used it as an excuse to arrest environmentalists before they could protest; to beat up peacefully demonstrating trade unionists and students. The communications union protested this violence with a poster and was accused of defamation against the police. Meanwhile, the French police reportedly let a known to be mentally unstable violent criminal through a road block, because he pretended that he was delivering ice cream. He then mowed down a crowd in Nice on Bastille Day. Shouldn’t they have a list of deliveries or call into headquarters to check? While not a shred of (publicly known) evidence was reported to tie this man to…

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