The French Resistance at Bure


BURE will be their downfall
struggle against the nuclear waste landfill project (CIGEO) in Bure – France

Massive reoccupation demo : we take the forest back !
Bure will be their downfall > Automedia > Massive reoccupation demo : we take the forest back !
vmc July 12, 2016
So they sent cops by the tens. We saw them on the horizon, shortly before 6am, thursday the 7th of July. The cops, the vans, the tractors, the bulldozers, the trucks, the helicopters. What a sinister parade came

Since the 19th of June, collectives, associations, resisting inhabitents and farmers lived inside and with the freed forest of Mandres-en-Barrois by constructing cabins where ANDRA deforested.

While the nucleocrates are trying to legalize the atomic graveyard at the parlement, we joyfully occupied CIGEO’s platform, symbol of the start of the works.

This front against the nuclear empire, frail breach, has been opened and held by different ways: sabotages, picnic, occupation, legal work and the bond with more than sixty associations. All of this jammed ANDRA’s machine and pushed it to resort to force.

This eviction is absolutely not a defeat. It reinforces our anger, our rage and our determination. It is out of the question to let them keep this wood. To let the cops roam there all day long, to let ANDRA’s

mercenaries do their patrols again, to let them start their intolerable works again.

For the week-end of the 16th and 17th of July 2016, we’ve called, under the hornbeams and the beeches, for « Worldwide and improvised antinuclear barricades ».

It is urgent to be ambitious and realistic as we managed to be until now. So, this gathering will happen. And it will happen IN THE FOREST !

After Bastille Day on the 14th of July, the only fireworks that will spring will be the ones we shoot against ANDRA and its world !

Once again, our only limit is our number. Join us !




contact. 0758654889 /

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