Lock the Gate on Drigg Nuclear Waste Site: 15th July in Kendal


“The time has come the Walrus said to speak of many things.  Of nuclear waste in shipping crates and jellyfish with wings..”

Dear Friends

Just had a phone call from Cumbria County Council saying the Drigg Nuclear Dump  decision will be taken in Kendal on 15th July at 9am. 

I will speak on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland and will deliver our LOCK THE GATE ON DRIGG petition. The more signatures we have on it the better!  Please Share far and wide.

Drigg is a beautiful little coastal Lakeland village which has the misfortune to be host to the UKs “Low Level” Nuclear Waste site.  Don’t be misled by the words “low level” the stuff dumped at Drigg is long lived and nasty and includes plutonium waste (including bizarrely giant slag pots, they say contaminated with a plutonium pacemaker, this is suspect as so few plutonium pacemakers were ever made, for obvious reasons!)

The Drigg site is vulnerable to flooding not just from the sea but also from the water courses running alongside and through the site as reported by The Ecologist: Cumbria flooding: Environment Agency issues alert on Drigg nuclear waste site

The operators of the Drigg site are multinational companies who are also involved in “decommissioning” nuclear sites around the world.

The operators have said that Drigg’s Nuclear Dump “is likely to continue operating well into the next century.”  Not if we can help it!   The ONLY way the nuclear industry can continue to pretend it has a “solution” to the nuclear waste problem is if we the public allow the industry to continue dumping radioactive waste into the environment.  Nuclear waste from hospitals is a tiny tiny fraction, with most hospitals now using short lived isotopes,  the bulk of nuclear waste going into Drigg is from opearating and decommissioning nuclear plants and the military.   Nuclear waste is even being diverted from Drigg into landfill in order to “save” Drigg for the nastier stuff.

The more people and groups who can oppose the continued dumping of nuclear waste at Drigg the better.  The eventual plan is it seems for the shipping containers full of nuclear waste to end up on the West Cumbrian coastline….”Material deposited from the existing “cliff’, or dune embankment will be deposited on the beach. The degree of dispersion of material is dependent on the size of the material with the sands and clays being washed out of the debris leaving coarser material behind. The largest items may persist for a few hundred years at the top of the beach and provide a degree of foreshore armouring, and cliff protection, i.e. eroded wastes will tend to reduce further erosion of wastes until they breakdown and disperse.”


 Site Disruption Drigg LLW
We will hold a demonstration outside Kendal County Offices from 8am on 15th July to Oppose continued dumping of nuclear waste into the environment and to urge Cumbria County Council to LOCK THE GATE ON DRIGG

7 thoughts on “Lock the Gate on Drigg Nuclear Waste Site: 15th July in Kendal

  1. Drigg-gate? I think I said this already. It reminds me of what was said during Watergate: “The time has come the Walrus says to speak of many things, of why the sea is boiling hot and whether tapes have wings.” Drigg-gate is obviously a much bigger scandal. Drigg-gate is poisoning and killing the land and sea for forever. Why would they do this?

  2. Didn’t know that was said during Watergate! Also don’t know why nuclear waste is dumped so nonchalantly into the environment … Maybe a deliberate disassociation between cause and effect …especially here in Cumbria where for years we have been told it is “population mixing” that is the cause of the way too many childhood cancers

  3. They’ve a back door to UK dumping since EDF owns the UK nuclear reactors:
    “France’s EDF sets sights on $200 bln nuclear decommissioning market
    Posted:Mon, 04 Jul 2016 13:49:13 -0400
    PARIS, July 4 (Reuters) – EDF aims to snare a sizeable share of the global nuclear decommissioning market, worth an estimated 200 billion euros ($222 billion) over the next 15 years, by virtue of experience gained in dismantling its old reactors.”

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