Great News!


Great News!!   **Many Thanks** to all who have so generously donated we have been able to commission an expert report into Moorside impacts.

The Crowd Funding appeal has just over a week to go and the more money we can raise the more we can do to #StopMoorside.

There are lots ways people can get involved in the resistance to Moorside.  Ways that cost nothing apart from time include lobbying conservation groups in Cumbria and nationally asking them to get active in opposing Moorside.   Cumbria Wildlife Trust strongly opposed the plan for nuclear build at Kirksanton but have gone along with the plan for new build at Beckermet (Moorside) which is just as, if not more, damaging.  The National Trust (PDF National Trust response to Stage 1 consultation 23-7-15) have voiced their grave concerns but not (yet) opposed Moorside.  Friends of the Lake District are keeping quiet apart from concerns about visual impact of pylons. .  Please lobby as many groups as you can, especially if you are a member or supporter of those groups.







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