“Scar on the Landscape” – Moorside? No a Solar Park!

"Scar on the Landscape" - Moorside? No a Solar Park!

This weeks Whitehaven News trumpets “Scar on the Landscape”  What might this scar be? The almost 600 hectare plan for three nuclear reactors near to Sellafield’s already obscene sprawl?  No, it is the plan for a solar park on 10 hectares, a tiny fraction of the land that is being touted for nuclear industrialisation into eternity with the diabolic “Moorside” plan.

“Protestors are celebrating the news that an appeal by Castillium, the
firm behind the controversial 10-hectare park on farmland between
Woodend, Bigrigg and Moor Row, has been thrown out. The five-megawatt
park – the size of around 14 football pitches – would have had 19,400
solar panels, making it one of the biggest in the county. Copeland
Council rejected the plans last October and the government’s Planning
Inspectorate has now turned down the appeal. The scheme attracted 92
letters of objection, including strong protests from Egremont and
Cleator Moor Town Councils, alongside 97 letters of support. Concerns
centered on visual impact, noise and traffic”.  So the solar park plan has been scuppered.  To leave room in the grid for “the biggest nuclear development in Europe” –  Moorside?

Moorside which would be be far more visually intrusive, noisy and
generate much more traffic, not to mention thousands of tonnes of pollution and
environmental despoilation is meanwhile given the thumbs up by many of the same people who objected to the solar park.  Notice too the article on the same front page bemoans the generous reduction of business rates for Sellafield.  Wake up people.  The nuclear industry is taking us for a toxic ride towards a nuclear dystopia and there are a distinct lack of road blocks.

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