Lakeland’s “Long Tradition”

Sellafield from Moorsidea

Today’s Westmorland Gazette letters page


While everyone waits to see if the finances for Hinkley Point Nuclear plant can be propped up, there is an equally high risk fate hanging over the Lake District.

NUGen are running a consultation on plans for the Moorside nuclear reactors just two miles outside the Lake District National Park. What is barely credible is that the supposed guardians of the national park will be raising no major objections to Moorside. The Lake District National Park Authority states in it’s Moorside consultation response (April 2016): “We support the principle of a new nuclear build power station adjacent to Sellafield.  The proposal would continue the long tradition of the nuclear industry in Cumbria and benefit the national and Cumbrian economy.  Our support is consistent with that offered in 2011.”

And even more worrying is that all the UKs nuclear waste, including that from any new build reactors, will probably end up going into an underground repository for millennia – and the most likely location for this repository is under the very same English Lake District, with the entrance at or very near Sellafield.

But what does the National Park Authority care, as long as we all support “the long tradition of the nuclear industry in Cumbria.” ?

David Siddall


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