Repression of Dissent? Professor David Smythe and Glasgow University

Ennerdale nuke dump tunnel
Ennerdale Geological Nuke Dump tunnel to Gillerthwaite (where NuGen have teamed up with Cumbria Wildlife Trust!)

Radiation Free Lakeland have just written to Glasgow University to urge them to reverse  the blocking of Professor David Smythe’s  access to online journals.

Please write and support Professor David Smythe – we feel that without his help Cumbria would now be at Stage 4 of the Geological Nuclear Dump plan.  Moorside would of course add at least two Olympic swimming pools of waste to that plan – the area needed would be far greater as the waste from the proposed reactors would be far hotter.

Remember the Ennerdale Granite was being eyed up .  It was suggested that emplacement of waste could be achieved directly from Sellafield via a 10 km-long tunnel – the implication being that the surface of the National Park would be unaffected.

You can write to write to the Secretary of the Glasgow University Court

Our Letter is Below for reference – please feel free to use/amend

Dear Mr David Newall,

Radiation Free Lakeland has just heard that Glasgow University has refused online journal access to Professor David Smythe. It is our opinion that Cumbria would now be at Stage 4 of the plan for a deep geological nuclear dump in the Ennerdale granite were it not for Professor Smythe’s work during 2012/13. That work would have been impossible without access to online journals.

Here in Cumbria there is an increasingly unhealthy climate of nuclear complicity and the nuclear industry with friends in high office holds all the aces with regards access to privilege and power. This means that dissenting voices in the world of academia are even more valued by communities who would otherwise feel overwhelmed and entirely helpless to resist the government’s nuclear policy.

We hope that Glasgow will continue to be a bastion of independent thought and free expression of that thought and will consider reversing the bizarre and ultimately repressive decision to refuse Professor David Smythe the expected access to online journals granted to a Professor Emeritus.

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby

on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland



PDF of some of David Smythe’s work during 2012/13

7 thoughts on “Repression of Dissent? Professor David Smythe and Glasgow University

  1. The RT interview explains that Prof. Smythe’s email was cut off shortly after he published an article about fracking in the UK. I guess critical of it. Prof. Smythe thinks it has to do with Glasgow U. taking money or intending to take money from Cuadrilla Oil. Lord Browne, former head of BP, is head of Cuadrilla. While it’s good that RT covered this, of course RT is Russia state-owned and Russia wants to sell its oil to the UK….

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