The Potassium Iodide Project


fragileMutantDaisys is campaigning for mandatory distribution of Potassium Iodide tablets for all residents living within a 30 Kilometre radius of every Nuclear power station within the United Kingdom. Once we have achieved this goal we want to expand the catchment area further to incorporate all residents living with a 30 Kilometer radius of every Nuclear power station in the world.

The campaign aims to serve three main purposes:

1) To raise awareness of the dangers and consequences on public health posed by Nuclear power, hopefully stimulating organic thought and education on the subject leading to the public questioning the safety of Nuclear power.

2) To expose just how unprepared the country (and the rest of the World) is in the event of a Nuclear emergency at any one of our Nuclear power stations, highlighting the inept emergency and contingency plans that are the responsibility of the Government and the UK…

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