Sticking like sheep to the official decision to fell: page 19 of Beeches, Boreholes and Badgers

20 years ago and Cumbria Wildlife Trust agreed with the National Park that the Rusland Beeches were “dead diseased and dying” and should be clear felled “in case they fell on a school bus”. 20 years on to 2016 and Cumbria Wildlife Trust are lending their support to the “biggest nuclear development in Europe” – endangering the lives of Cumbrian children into eternity.

Wastwater Chronicles


2nd July 1996

Over 3,200 people have signed the petition (Save the Rusland Beeches) thats thanks to people who love the beeches especially Christine and Larry B who collected most signatures. South Lakeland Friends of the Earth have offered support -thank goodness – they are the only group to do so!

Following Roger and Andy’s report (which said the majority of the trees could live on safely for decades) Ive asked Friends of the Lake District, the local bat group, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Ramblers Association, English Nature etc if they would now consider supporting the trees – but they are all sticking by the National Park Authority.  To say they are like sheep would give sheep a bad name.

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