Radioactive soil to be used to build roads set to spark uproar

“Recycling” nuclear waste ….this is in Japan, but WHERE would the millions of tonnes of soil from greenfields around Sellafield be moved to in order to clear the way for the enormous concrete foundations for “Moorside” ? Previously the land around Sellafield was deemed “too radioactive” for a nuclear waste dump. This was according to SITA (Engie) when they were pushing for a nuclear dump at Keekle Head old coal mine. They said Sellafield area was too contaminated and fresh land was needed for a nuclear dump!

Fukushima 311 Watchdogs


A public outcry is expected when radioactive earth from the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster is recycled and used to construct roads and in other building projects.

“Fierce resistance would likely arise if the contaminated earth were used in prefectures other than Fukushima Prefecture,” said an official at an Environment Ministry study meeting on June 7.

But Shinji Inoue, senior vice environment minister, said the ministry will proceed with recycling despite expected opposition.

“We are set to promote the reuse (of contaminated earth) by endeavoring to gain public understanding across the country, including Fukushima Prefecture,” he said after the meeting.

Polluted earth will be covered by either clean earth, concrete, asphalt or other material to minimize radiation exposure to construction workers and residents living near the facilities built using radioactive soil.

Twenty-two million cubic meters, the equivalent of 18 Tokyo Dome stadiums, is the amount of contaminated soil expected to be…

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