Cumbria Wildlife Trust Team Up with NuGen for World Environment Day

THE REALITY ^^^ Drilling Rigs for 300+ "exploratory " boreholes in the 
area of the River Ehen and the Irish Sea - stirring up decades of
radioactive wastes from Sellafield. 

NuGen Environment Day 060616.jpg
The Spin…..“Volunteers from NuGen head outdoors for World Environment Day”
The local press trumpets the headline "NuGen Lends a Hand
for World Environment Day" the article goes on ...."Employees from NuGen,
the company responsible for delivering Moorside, teamed up with
representatives from Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The Forestry Commission to
construct dams and improve natural drainage in a rare area that is home to
a number of protected species. The event was organised to demonstrate the
company's commitment to the environment as it continues to build a £10bn
nuclear power station next to the Sellafield site. NuGen’s environmental
sustainability manager, Alexandra Brennan, was delighted to be

I bet she was!  

This is absolutely reprehensible on the part of Cumbria
Wildlife Trust who, instead of opposing Europe's biggest nuclear
development, are lending their much loved trusted image and reputation to a
development that will irreversibly pollute and industrialise threatened
habitats in the most extreme and insidious way.

Also this surely renders the CONsultation meaningless as NuGen are
promoting themselves locally in the most cynical and manipulative way with
the help of those who should be shouting the loudest to oppose it. The
carefully orchestrated propoganda suggests to Cumbrians that if Cumbria
Wildlife Trust are partners with NuGen then the development must be benign.

We have been informed that people living on the coast near the proposed 
Moorside site where "exploratory" borehole drilling is already stirring 
up decades of radioactive waste (no planning permissison necessary say 
NuGen) have been warned by Nuvia (who do radioactive sampling on the 
beaches) not to pick up polythene sheeting or plastic. 
No doubt Cumbria Wildlife Trust will not be fazed by this
and will continue to promote childrens activities on the beach?

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