Keswick Reminder 3rd June 2016….up the Garden Path

Keswick Reminder 3 June 2016

In the Keswick Reminder 3rd June 2016

Details of Nuclear company NuGen’s Stage 2 plans to build three reactors at Moorside near Sellafield, were on display at a public consultation meeting in Keswick on Wednesday.

Fergus McMorrow, planning and consultation manager for NuGen, said: The meeting was a real consultation to get our plans over and to give the people a chance to make their comments and air their views.

“Around 25 members of the public came to the consultation to discuss the project with us.  There were no particular issues of focus for them  but a general interest in the project as a whole was shown.  We will await with interest any written feedback we get as a result.”

The Moorside project aims to build three AP1000 nuclear reactors on land to the north and west of the Sellafield complex which could generate 3.4 gigawatts of low-carbon electricity providing up to seven percent of the UK’s electricity requirements for powering 6 million homes.

As part of the Project, NuGen is also proposing to build new railway tracks at the Moorside site, St Bees and between Corkickle and Mirehouse.

Keswick councillor, Paul Titley attended the consultation, held at the Skiddaw hotel, he said: “Im in favour of nuclear power, I think the project will go ahead and local opposition is not going to stop it happening.”

While the event was going on members of Radiation Free Lakeland staged a protest outside. Marianne Birkby said: “The Moorside development would be a horrendous and very dangerous development. The situation with the nuclear waste at Sellafield is already intolerable and the new nuclear power stations make conditions much worse.”

Marianne explained that the aim of her organisation is to keep Lakeland beautiful and safe saying that more than ten thousand people had signed a Stop Moorside peititon. She added the Moorside project is the largest nuclear development in Euorpe and would be 20 miles away from Keswick as the crow flies.




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