Spring Watch Meets Crime Watch: “Moorside” this Saturday 4th June

Come along and join us for a day of wildlife watching at the “Moorside” site.

We will meet at the beautiful old St Bridgets Church, Beckermet 11am Saturday 4th June

Bring a picnic.

The aim of the day is to highlight the diverse fauna and fauna and beauty of this area, to take photographs, and create art (art materials will be provided).  Although Sellafield has had a huge deterimental impact on the wildlife and health of this land – what remains is of even more value and should be cherished instead of being sacrificed on the alter of the “biggest nuclear development in Europe”

Fresh Water Pearl Mussel; Endangered Species not a Receptor
Fresh Water Pearl Mussels

Otter- I am an endangered species, not a receptor

Boreholes being dug now - amongst ancient hedgerows which would be trashed by Moorside
Boreholes being dug now – amongst ancient hedgerows which would be trashed by Moorside
The beautiful River Ehen about to be Nuclearised?


This area is magical, even without the various (apparently meaningless) designations of SSSI and such like.  The land was bought by the NDA – in effect owned by us the public.  The NDA have no social contract to do deals with NuGen over this land on our behalf. It belongs to us and is an important buffer zone between Sellafield and the villages around about.

A new nuclear crime is being committed right now with 300 boreholes being drilled on this land and sea.

We believe it is no accident that the wildlife of this once pristine coastal area, from fresh water mussels to the breeding colony of black headed gulls, crashed in the 1970s and 80’s. The nuclear industry has had a hand…for example during this time Sellafield straightened the slow meandering river Calder turning it into a radioactive canal in order that the radioactive and chemical discharges could  rush more quickly through the site to the Irish Sea.

The same fate awaits the river Ehen – in fact NuGen are already using the Ehen as a radioactive sewer for the borehole wastes.

This is a taboo crime which will not be reported on the BBC’s Crime Watch and the wildlife will not be marvelled at on BBCs Springwatch.

Join us in witnessing the crime,

Join us in taking  joy in the wildlife

Join us in pledging to Stop Moorside


“For nuclear waste growing bigger and hotter, they’re sucking the life from Lakeland and Otter, cooling the poison they’ve shipped from afar, condemning the angler and Arctic Char. “What’s the harm? There’s water aplenty!” Say the loudest mouths with heads near empty, while for son and daughter the waters spoil, cooling waste in the kettle I fear will boil…”

by Duncan Ball



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