Nuclear New Build: “Population Mixing” letter to DECC

Deliver of Letter to DECC

Letter Delivered to the Department of Energy & Climate Change

To The Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

Department of Energy and Climate Change                   17.4.16

Dear Amber Rudd MP,


We were sad to hear of the death of your former advisor, David Mackay. We hope for all our sakes, however, that your statement: “His ideas and arguments will continue to influence how we deal with climate change” will prove wrong in the case of his promotion of new nuclear build.

The industry and government continue to deny any link between radioactive emissions and childhood leukemia, preferring to throw supposedly reassuring red herrings to the public in the form of “population mixing” as a viral agent causing increased leukaemia’s.

Here the plan in Cumbria is to parachute in 4000 temporary workers to the Moorside site. The village in which the site is situated, Beckermet has a population of 1,619 (2011). The nursery and primary school would be 700m from the proposed development.

Alex Elliot the Chair of the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment and a clinical physicist at the University of Glasgow, UK, says that leukemia cluster researchers should look for causes other than radiation. The UK government has taken seriously (and gratefully?) the work of Leo Kinlen, an epidemiologist based at the University of Oxford, UK. The Leo Kinlen theory, put forward in 1988, suggests that exposure to a common unidentified infection through population mixing results in Childhood Leukaemia.

“This exposure is greater”, Prof. Kinlen says, “when people from
urban areas mix with rural communities e.g. when construction
workers and nuclear staff move into the Sellafield area”.

Doctors Heather Dickinson and Louise Parker of Newcastle University (which has strong links to the nuclear industry) claimed in 1999 that their work backs up Professor Leo Kinlen’s population mixing theory as the likely cause of the cluster of childhood leukaemia cases at Seascale near Sellafield. “Population Mixing is a significant risk factor for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, especially in young children, accounting for over 50% of cases in Cumbria and most cases in Seascale”.

If the public are to believe the “population mixing” theory as a cause of the well documented leukemia clusters in West Cumbria, then we must ask:


Will DECC and the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Unit / Northern
Institute for Cancer Research/Cancer Research UK be acting on their “population mixing” research put out a public health warning
of the “significant risk factor”?

Dr Heather Dickinson’s research says “Population Mixing is a significant risk factor for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, especially in young children, accounting for over 50% of cases in Cumbria and most cases in Seascale”.

When campaigners sent a respectful email to Dr Dickinson formerly of the North of England’s Cancer Research Unit asking if the Unit would be acting upon their research and put out a public health warning her reply (enclosed) was: “ I understand that the proposed nuclear power stations are a response to the UK’s projected energy needs and, in particular, to supply these needs without increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. If you wish to inform yourself about this debate, I suggest you read: “Sustainable energy – without the hot air” By David JC Mackay. He points out that the British public needs to stop saying “No” to every proposal to get the UK off fossil fuels in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. I shall not be reading any more of your emails, so please don’t bother sending them.”

This indicates an “ends justifies the means” mentality. A willingness on the part of those involved directly in “population mixing” research to view as a price worth paying “over 50% of cases in Cumbria and most cases in Seascale” of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, especially in young children.”

Many thousands of people in Cumbria, which is possibly the most nuclear tolerant place in the UK, have long since abandoned belief in the safety of “beautiful” new nuclear build next to Sellafield, the worlds biggest stockpile of radioactive waste.

Either the “population mixing” theory is true or it isn’t. Either way …if the government continue to support NuGen in Cumbria with their plan to import 4000 temporary workers to build the biggest nuclear plant in Europe in a village of 1619 people, then we know that there will be an inevitable and predicted “over 50%” increase in childhood leukemia.

Not to mention the other radiation linked diseases.

If DECC continues with David Mackay’s vision of new nuclear build, will you be issuing a health warning to the public regarding the “over 50%” increase in childhood leukemia ?

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby, On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland,

Nuclear Power Stations Cause Childhood Leukemia and here’s the proof

Population Mixing
Newcastle University and Ian Fells


Quantifying the effect of population mixing on childhood leukaemia risk:
the Seascale cluster

Seeding Leukaemia

The German Kikk study



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