Drigg Decision Delayed …..YET Again while the concrete is poured in the “Vaults”

Nuclear Wastes Excluding Military- NIREX
Nuclear Wastes Excluding Military (!) Up to 2030.  This illustration is taken from the 1987 Government Committee report by  – NIREX (as we know it today Radioactive Waste Management part of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority)

note: Illustration can be found in Nirex:The Way Forward http://www.geos.ed.ac.uk/homes/rsh/The_Way_Forward_United_Kingdom_Nirex_Limited_1987_-_colour.pdf


The Planning Application PL\1508\05 (4/15/9012):  “The phased construction of additional vaults, higher stacking of containers..capping.. ”     was due to be heard “in early 2016.”

First we were told this would be in April, then May – now the decision has been put back once again.  The next possible time it may be heard is June 23rd ….but we will not know for sure until 7 days ahead of the meeting by the Development Control and Regulation Committee of Cumbria County Council.

The toothless Environment Agency have already given their blessing and the operators have already poured tonnes of concrete over coastal land precariously near to the Drigg dunes for  more “vaults” despite planning approval having not been given.  Try doing that with a tiny porch in Cumbria and the planners are down on you like a ton of bricks…but acres of “vaults” to stack shipping containers full of radioactive wastes….no problem.

The new operators of the Drigg site now include EDF who have taken over Studsvik‘s “waste operations.”  This includes the radioactive metal recycling facility at Workington, the only one in Europe.  Already around 100 double decker bus worth of radioactive metal has been “cleaned” and sold onto the open market.  The “cleaning” involves spraying high velocity clean metal shot at the the radioactive metal.  The radioactive metal is sheared off thus “cleaning” it (although undetected hot spots can remain).  The resulting vast amounts of radioactive metal shot is taken to Drigg for burial in the shipping containers.  The net result is of course MORE radioactive waste and the intolerable and increasingly likely possibility of your underwire bra  containing metal used in the nuclear industry and possibly still “hot.”   Remember, all the monitoring is done by the industry. And as we know from plastic bags of intermediate level and low level wastes ending up in Lillyhall landfill …once  novel routes to “free release” disposal is opened, mistakes will happen.

EDF have 9 nuclear reactors in France currently being decommissioned.  The likelihood is that they will use their convenient new resource of the radioactive scrap metal “recycling” plant  at Workington and the Nuclear Dump at Drigg to full advantage.  When asked about possible conflict of interest the reply from the regulator was: “The Environment Agency does not see this as a conflict of interest as the site operator is required to comply with the condition of the permit whosoever that operator may be”  The EA may see no conflict of interest in those producing the waste also being responsible for “disposal’….but we do!

4 thoughts on “Drigg Decision Delayed …..YET Again while the concrete is poured in the “Vaults”

  1. A nonymous

    On a daily basis over the past couple of weeks a slow moving plane has circling the Sellafield area. Why?
    Rumour has it that it’s a spy plane performing electronic surveillance of the local population via their mobile phones and wifi networks. A similar method of surveillance has recently become public knowledge in the US; where the FBI uses spy planes the circle “trouble spots” e.g. The Baltimore Riots, enabling them to identify so called trouble makers.
    We in the UK have a right to know if and why we are under surveillance.

    1. The Whitehaven news reported that Sellafield is “testing anti-aircraft terror attack measures”…whatever that means. We saw a plane last week too flying over Sellafield and Drigg.
      Whitehaven News 28/4/16

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