Drigg: Paul Merton Goes Where Angels Fear to Tread

Pools of water on and below shipping containers filled with radioactive waste
One day my son all this will be yours!
One of the many vents, venting radioactive gases, above the once open trenches filled with wastes including “intermediate”


Drigg Lock the Gate
RAdiation Free Lakeland Protest outside the Drigg dump gate on 30th Anniversary of Chernobyl 30th April 2016 




Is this the best expose in the last two decades of the UK’s “Low Level” Nuclear Dump ? Paul Merton fearlessly goes where Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth have not dared to tread for many a long year and shows the world the madness of nuclear…and all in a quaint little Lakeland coastal village called Drigg.

Secret Stations is a Channel 4 TV program exploring out of the way request stops around Britain…last nights was an eye opener for many people who assume that there is an “away” for nuclear waste.  Incredible that the last real expose on Drigg was way back in 1994 when Greenpeace snuck into the site and found that “The poorly packaged junk and high radiation levels are disturbing enough; set aside the revelation that LLWR – the current management company – are missing records of what was dumped in there, it becomes really scary”.  Of course the packaging is much more hi tech now – it is in rotting shipping containers filled with concrete!

Remember too that “low level” nuclear waste does not mean short lived or safe…it just means all the usual nasties “diluted” with other material.  The waste tumble tipped into the trenches up till the late 1980s includes “intermediate” level waste and the vents you see on the programme on the now grassed over trenches are releasing radioactive gases to air.  New build absolutely hinges Drigg (and Drigg 2 + 3 + ?) remaining open for business along with increasingly novel ways of getting shot of the wastes such as dumping newly classified “high volume very low level” in ever more landfill and “recycling” radioactive scrap metal onto the open market.  There is no “away.”


4 thoughts on “Drigg: Paul Merton Goes Where Angels Fear to Tread

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  2. Joan West

    I could not watch this video as it had been blocked. Proof that China is not the only country that restricts people’s freedoms.
    Joan West
    East Lancashire CND

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