“Beautiful” Replacement for Miles of Ancient Hedgerows and the Flood Plain of the Meandering River Ehen


This is NuGen’s “indicative” artists impression of Moorside. It does not include the associated nuclear sprawl that would inevitably  build up around Moorside – auxillary power plants, reprocessing plants – cooling towers, more and more waste dumps and cooling ponds.

Amber Rudd described Nuclear as “beautiful” This is the proposed “beautiful” replacement for dozens of miles of ancient hedgerow, lonnings (green lanes), and the beautiful meandering flood plain of the River Ehen.  Wildlife and habitats are being sold down the radioactive river alongside the people of Cumbria and their neighbours…meanwhile the mainstream conservation groups faff about the pylons – the very least of it!

Petersburgh farm has been demolished in the image to make way for a raised bund around the site, the same farm applied for a single wind turbine recently and was originally turned down by councillors on the grounds of wildlife and view.

So what about the wildlife?  No worries NuGen say they will “replace” the habitat. We are concerned that NuGen are already in discussion with Cumbria Wildlife Trust to “replace” habitat, no doubt ££££s will change hands. We hope not, we hope Cumbria Wildlife Trust and Friends of the Lake District will, albeit late in the day, unequivocally oppose Moorside rather than faffing about with pylons.   This is habitat that cannot be replaced, and this development drives a huge toxic wedge along the already denuded wildlife of West Cumbria’s coastline habitats, estuaries and sea.  Will NuGen “replace” the habitat and health of the people of Cumbria too?

#StopMoorside petition




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