A Walk to Mark the 30th Anniversary of the Ongoing Chernobyl Disaster.


Please join us on Saturday 30th April.  We will meet at Drigg Railway Station at 11am and walk approximately four miles around the Drigg nuclear waste site where waste has reportedly been buried from the ongoing Chernobyl disaster.

There is no mention of course of the UK’s “Low Level” nuclear waste site on the “Adventure Capital” publicity for the Cumbria Coastal path of which this walk is a part.

PDF file  http://www.cumbriancoastline.co.uk/users/UserFiles/File/Drigg%20Walk.pdf

We will walk to remember and show solidarity with the victims of the Chernobyl disaster and to highlight the ongoing disaster that is nuclear power.

We will discuss the plan by the nuclear industry to expand the volume of the Drigg site which we now know is not only threatened by the sea but also by the rivers running alongside and through the site.  The Development Control Committee of Cumbria County Council are scheduled to discuss on May 11th whether to allow the application to stack ever higher shipping containers of nuclear wastes.

Remember Chernobyl and say Enough is Enough!



Note: There has been a pragmatic argument made that opposing Drigg’s expansion would lead to ever greater dumping of nuclear wastes in landfill.  However, it is pragmatism that has already led to the dumping of nuclear wastes into landfill and it is pragmatism that is heading towards the creation of more and more Driggs and more and more waste being dumped into the environment rather than being stored/contained. Of course the industry does not want to do the only sensible thing which is to Stop making wastes and to Contain the existing waste on the nuclear site it actually originated.    Enough is enough and unless we say that loudly and clearly,  the path will be laid clear for ever more wastes to be dumped in Drigg and in Landfill.  Ever more New and much more dangerous wastes from Moorside and New wastes from “Decommissioning Clean Up” for which read Dumping. 

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